Industrial Park Beautification

Industrial Park Beautification

Do you ever drive by a property in the Industrial Park and just say to yourself “Wow, that building looks great”?  Or, do you drive by a property and say “Oh my, that sure could sure use some help”?  A simple mowed lawn, trimmed trees & bushes and a litter free property can make a world of difference and make for beautiful curb appeal on your street and in your Park.  Just performing these little upkeep items can make a huge difference not only to your property’s aesthetics, but also your property’s value. 

GSWIDA prides itself on achieving nice looking properties in the Industrial Parks, and we would like to keep this going forward in the same direction.  We are one of the largest industrial business parks in the southwest, and the Association wants all property owners to pride in their investment and community.

If you have a problem with one of your neighbors because of an untidy property, you can go to either the City of Arlington or Grand Prairies website and place a concern on their Code Enforcement link.  If you have a concern, Code Enforcement will perform an on-site assessment, review your concerns and contact the property owner to uphold city codes.  

Call us if you have a concern that you would like the Association to address or remedy.  Let’s work together and make Arlington and Grand Prairie an example for other industrial parks. 

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Arlington Code Enforcement
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