Why Select the GSW Industrial Park

Why Select the GSW Industrial Park

As your Business Home


North Texas is recognized as the leading intermodal distribution center in the Southwest.  Because of its central location midway between Dallas and Fort Worth, and its proximity to air and highway transportation infrastructure, the GSW Industrial Park is recognized as one of the top distribution centers in the United States acting as a staging area for truck, rail and air cargo into the United States and sits along two central corridors of trade.

These corridors carry goods from the West Coast and Mexican deep-water ports through the Dallas-Fort Worth region and into eastern U.S. and Canadian markets.  Both of these corridors support the existing regional network of inland ports, including Alliance Texas in Fort Worth and the International Inland Port in Dallas.  Only minutes north of the GSW Industrial Park, the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport cargo has quadrupled since 1993, reaching 251,000 metric tonnes in 2009.  It is also the only airport in the world capable of landing four aircraft simultaneously.

A well-known Texas pioneer, and the visionary of the original Six Flags Theme Park, Mr. Angus Wynne envisioned what was to be the nation's largest master-planned Business Park.  Wynne along with his staff planned and implemented a set of standards that developers throughout the country would soon envy and model after. Stringent deed restrictions, designated sign criteria, architectural review committees and ongoing control of these issues by a concerned property owners association known as the Great Southwest Association helped to assure major corporations that the Great Southwest Industrial Park would set the standard for industrial development. From the first deals in the late 1950s to the current developments, the Great Southwest Industrial area has been an unqualified success.

The Great Southwest Association proved to be the lynchpin in the development plan for Great Southwest. By uniting property owners under one banner with a common goal, the Association impacted change politically and economically.

Together, the cities of Grand Prairie and Arlington work closely with the Association and provide it with the necessary momentum to be successful.  And, because of its proximity in the North American Market, pro-business climate and availability of land, the GSW Industrial Park enjoys a significant cost advantage when compared to other major distribution hubs in North Texas and the United States.