Resources For Member Families With High School Students

News Date: 
06/10/2020 - 12:15pm

Recent high school graduates and students about to begin summer classes have experienced a number of stressful changes to their plans for higher education.

As the pandemic has caused the loss of many jobs in the service and retail industries, and internships nationwide are canceled, students find themselves without the ability to finance or gain work experience alongside their studies, which have moved to web-based platforms.

GSW Industrial Park and our members are supporting our students during this time, and we want to ask for your help in support.  We have partnered with, an independent organization comprised of a dedicated group of educators, professionals, and authors providing the best resources and advice to assist learners through every step of their education, into their careers, and toward sustainable lifelong learning. has developed a series of guides to help students and teachers through these changes, ranging from summer internship opportunities to financial aid applications in hope to reach the students in Arlington & Grand Prairie who are starting their summer classes or looking to start college in the fall.

Please share these guidance resources with all your employees and their families:

Student Guide to Financial Aid -

Student's Guide to Summer Internships -

Teacher's Guide to Transitioning to Online Classes -

If you have questions and need further guidance, please reach out to:

Charlotte Pierce |
Marketing and Communications Outreach |
PO Box 524314 | Houston, TX 77052