Learn How Your GSW Neighbor Has Adapted Production Workflow

News Date: 
04/16/2020 - 6:45pm

In an interview with Don Cumming, Director of Plant Operations at Flex-N-Gate Texas, Don shared a few ideas that he's implemented within his production plant to accommodate and meet the employee safety needs during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Flex-N-Gate is a leading manufacturer and supplier of large stamped metal and welded components, assemblies, and plastic parts for the automotive industry.  While supplying a range of engineered mechanical assemblies, precision molded, painted, and plated plastic components and lamp systems, Flex-N-Gate Texas services the General Motors Assembly Plant.  Don began the conversation by stating, "we’ve been swamped around here having to basically change the process of almost all of our production operations to create proper separation of our employees," and added "we have spent years working on lean manufacturing processes and basically putting people on top of each other to reduce footsteps and improve efficiency and with recent changes we now have had to throw all that out the window."

With that said, Don shared a few items that he implemented which may be of assistant to his fellow Great Southwest Industrial Park businesses:

• Create a single point of entry to the facility to screen everyone who enters
   ► First step is temperature scan with non-contact thermometer of everyone entering facility
   ► We are implementing a FEEVR device that will automatically trigger a yes/no signal for entry:  https://www.feevr.tech
   ► Anyone who reads high is given a mask and routed to a holding location for a secondary reading
   ► Anyone entering the facility must complete a questionnaire (completed monthly) or verify that their answers have not changed

• We have marked the floor at time clock and entry point to ensure separation

• Re-allocated jobs to keep employees separated and allow for room for physical barriers between employees

Plexiglas barriers have been installed in between all work stations to create a physical barrier between our employees. Weld screens are a great option for this as a readily available option

We removed seating and marked with red-x areas that should not be used to create proper separation in break rooms & conference rooms

We are implementing physical barriers in all of our break rooms using Hyundai's example implemented in Seoul

• We have staggered all of our shift start times to reduce crowds at entry/time clock/breakrooms
   ► No more than 25 people have a shared start time, which is a significant change for a facility with approximately 900 employees and previously had up to 300 people starting at one time

• We have implemented a cleaning checklist and a cleaning audit that must be completed for each department every shift
   ► Only individuals that have been through training on proper cleaning procedures can complete the cleaning checklist

Don ended our interview by commenting, "It’s an interesting time we are in and these processes are changing and improving every day, particularly in the area of required PPE and the discussions regarding gloves/masks/face shields".  So true, Don, and we thank you for sharing with us a sample of new procedures at Flex-N-Gate Texas!

If you're interested in contacting Don, please send him an email at:  Don.Cumming@Flex-N-Gate.com