Great Southwest Industrial Companies TO THE RESCUE

News Date: 
04/15/2020 - 2:30pm

A special thank you to GSWIDA Members, Cardinal Health, SA-SO & Crowne Plaza ...

Difficult times calls on all of us to roll-up our sleeves and help our local Men & Women In Uniform who continue - without hesitation - to respond to emergency and non-emergency calls.  We want to share a few valiant stories of kindness and give direction on how YOU CAN HELP.

Please ask yourself ... how can my company help as well?  Our local Police Departments and Fire Departments are in desperate need of the following items.  If you are in a position to help out, please contact:  Bryce Davis, Purchasing Manager, City of Grand Prairie, 972-237-8271 (work) or (214) 406-8132 (cell):

• Isolation Masks
• Homemade Isolation Masks
• Isolation Gowns
• N95 Masks
• Sanitizing Wipes
• Face shields
• Welch/Allyn 690 Thermometer Probe Covers
• Thermometers

Cardinal Health donated to these items to the GPPD:  THANK YOU JOAN AND JULIAN

• Toilet paper – 2 cases 96 rolls per case (192)
• Alcohol prep pads -1 case
• Gloves- 9 cases of various sizes
• Paper towels- 2 cases trifold
• Facial tissues – 9 cases of small boxes
• Isolation gowns - 62 cases which comes out to 1,860 each
• N-95 masks (small) – 6 boxes;  20 each/box

SA-SO donated 2 cases of emergency Face Shields to the GPFD:  THANK YOU JOE AND BRANDON

SA-SO is operating as a Critical Infrastructure Manufacturing Company. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, SA-SO has re-allocated resources and now have the ability to do some emergency manufacturing in one day.

The Emergency Face Shield that fits on a Baseball Cap, is made of .020 Clear Vinyl, easily mounted to any baseball cap with either small binder clips (preferred method), or jumbo paper clips. Gently fold the 5 tabs on the top of the face shield and clip them to the brim of the hat. For more information, watch the 2 videos on the SA-SO Signs & Safety YouTube channel.

Crowne Plaza has activated special rates in response to the COVID-19 health crisis:  THANK YOU WILLA

Special Medical Rates – For any Traveling Nurses, Doctors, or other Medical Staff travelling to the area.
Crisis Support Rates – Any of the above mentioned, volunteers, non-profit organizations, or others being mobilized to assist with this Crisis.
Government Rates - Government personnel, FEMA, Army, National Guard, Homeland Security, CDC, Center for Infectious Disease, etc.
Other special rates are also available for other groups such Truck Drivers, etc.
Day Rates – Discounted Rates are available for those that want to get away from the house and work in an interrupted environment.